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Ritual of the Seedmaster….from the Pale Noir release “Incantations I”


here or there,

neither of which

i will ever be

In Four Ways

A sample from the upcoming series "Incantations" on Pale Noir



every time he spoke a word
he held one finger
and then back
to cover the hole in his neck

nothing but a whisper
was heard
the spit would gently
form glistening trails
winding down
the wrinkles in his chin

he had a small piece of
white cotton
held in a curled hand
crippled from age or

did it come from the one he loved
gone forever
or perhaps the remainder
from a childhood blanket
gone forever

most likely it was
a perfect square
cut from the panties
of a young blonde girl

maybe once he had loved
and abused like no other
it was never washed clean

and through cracked lips
a whistle was heard

he took his finger
off the plastic hole
embedded in his throat

trembling hands
grabbed his drink
now filled only with ice
and reached for a

several times he
flicked his lighter
before reaching for a

he looked up at me
with a crooked smile
whipped clean the spit

using the dirty cotton
and i could only
wonder from where

that cloth had come